Since 1900

A family business

In the early twentieth century the entrepreneur Antonio Lovascio, set up an oil mill in order to accomplish the whole production chain of is farm, mostly focused on cultivation of olive trees.

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20 febbraio 2020

Yield or productivity: what is useful to pay attention to

Every year, during the olive harvest, there are questions in mills about what the oil yield...

14 febbraio 2020

What's Sansa Oil?

In agribusiness there is a multitude of oils, including: extra virgin olive oil, olive oil or...

14 febbraio 2020

Seed oil: varieties and properties

We have often addressed aspects related to extra virgin olive oil, as well as its by-products and...

06 febbraio 2020

Frying: EVO oil or seed oil?

Walking through the supermarket aisles, we have become accustomed by now to seeing a large number...