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A family business

In the early 1900s, Antonio Lovascio planted an oil mill, in order to be able to follow the entire production process of his farm, focused on the cultivation of the olive tree.

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20 febbraio 2020

Yield or productivity: what is useful to pay attention to

Every year, during the olive harvest, in the mills we always ask ourselves what the yield in...

14 febbraio 2020

What's Sansa Oil?

In the agro-food field there are a multitude of oils, including extra virgin olive oil and also...

14 febbraio 2020

Seed oil: varieties and properties

We have often dealt with aspects related to extra virgin olive oil , its by-products and uses,...

06 febbraio 2020

Is it better to use seed oil or extra virgin olive oil for frying?

In all our supermarkets or hypermarkets, by now, we are used to seeing a large quantity of...